What is Headspace?

A lot of people wonder what exactly headspace is and if it is necessary to check in their firearm. To give you a better understanding, here is a basic run through of what headspace is, the danger of excessive and insufficient headspace, and headspace gauges. Headspace Headspace is the distance between the face of the bolt and the point that stops […]

.308 vs 7.62

We recently wrote an article on the difference between .223 vs 5.56 and it sparked a similar question of what the difference is between .308 vs 7.62? Good question! Let’s go through what makes them different from each other so we can put this question to rest as well. .308 Win The .308 Win, or Winchester, was released […]

XLP Low Profile Gas Block

The Adams Arms XLP low profile gas block is a revolutionary block that will fit under most major manufacturer rails. It offers high performance and reliability with a simple design. The gas block also offers increased adjustability and customization options. Piston System A gas piston system is designed to replace the standard direct impingement gas system. The piston […]