Adams Arms Charity Raffle

We are currently putting on a charity raffle with a grand prize package filled with some of the best brands in the industry. Among the winnings, is the Adams Arms C.O.R., 2,000 rounds of .223 REM 69gr STEADFAST Ammo, and RCI XRAIL Benelli M2 Shotgun just to name a few. 100% of the raffle donations will go towards a deserving family during […]

Brass vs Steel Ammo

There are a lot of opinions and controversy when it comes to shooting brass vs steel ammo. For instance most people argue that steel ammo causes more fouling because of the lacquer coating, and more malfunctions occur when shooting steel ammo. So what is the true story between the two and what are the advantages and […]

300 Whisper vs 300 Blackout

Like most ammunition comparisons, there are a lot of misunderstandings of the differences between the 300 Whisper vs 300 Blackout. Similar to our articles over the differences of .223 vs 5.56 and .308 vs 7.62, we thought it would be helpful to explain each round, what the difference between the two are, and whether you can chamber them interchangeably. […]