AK47 vs AR15

Wow where to start. The debate, opinions, and criticisms revolving around the AK47 vs AR15 have been raging for years. It seems as though everyone has something to say about it and everyone in the firearms industry has a position. In this case, I am not trying to start a fight just an interesting debate addressing some […]

308 vs 30-06

As far as hunting calibers go, there are certain rounds that have advantages in certain situations. Similar to how a mechanic needs different tools for different jobs, a hunter needs different rifles/ rounds for different size game and distances. I think it is easy to say that every caliber possesses good qualities that make it […]

Adams Arms PDW

Written by Abner Miranda from Tactical Life, this article on the Adams Arms PDW 5.56mm shows that good things really do come in small packages. Read his take on the Adams Arms PDWincluding the piston system, bolt carrier group details, and manueverability. “I’ve often wished that I’d been born in the post World War II era of the […]