Pt. I: The Global Ammunition Market (Bullets and Budgets)

The global ammo market will grow some 3.3% between now and 2023, according to Research and Markets. The forecast, which was published last month, is based on a study of the ammunition markets primarily in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Applications in the study include:

• Military

• Law Enforcement

• Commercial

Ammunition is divided into five calibers and five types:

• Small Caliber Ammunition

• Medium Caliber Ammunition

• Large Caliber Ammunition

• Mortar Ammunition

• Artillery Ammunition


• Tracer Ammunition

• Incendiary Ammunition

• Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammunition

• Armor Piercing (AP) Ammunition

• Other Ammunition

You can read the summary here on Research and Markets; but you’ll need to drop about five grand to read the results of the study. If you’re saving your pennies because you actually need ammunition (and let’s face it – $5,000 will fund more than a few trips to the range), you can check out some previous reports, such as this one, which indicates the global ammunition market will hit nearly $17 Billion by 2024. It’s roughly $12 Billion now.

PT II: Fire and Shock (Bullets and Burning and Blowing Up)

Now, a little ammo knowledge for you, courtesy of SAAMI. Learn a little about fire and shock and how it affects ammunition of all kinds, including 5.45 x 39; (and perhaps more importantly, how it doesn’t, at least when it comes to small arms).



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